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moving hatches in objects

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I know this is an old topic; I found a solution for this problem last year, but it got lost. . . . . so here it come again:

How can I move the origin of an associative hatching.

I want, for instance, a brick wall hatch to start in the lower left corner of a rectangular object.

I know, I can move the rectangle, but that' s not a real solution.

Another possibility is changing the starting point in the hatching-dialogbox but, I'm sure there was an easier solution.

Who can help me out ?

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Associative hatches are always defined from the origin of the drawing so unless you move the origin it won't work. The problem will be that you cannot make all locations correct.

Therefore your best option is to Hatch manually using Tool / Hatch... This will produce a static linework version of the hatch independent of the polygon. The downside is this will not then automatically adjust if the polygon is reshaped. You will have to redo the hatch.

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A work-around is to make the hatched object (gerrit's rectangle) a Symbol. All Symbols have their "own" origin. By moving the rectangle around "inside" the Symbol, you can control how the hatch gets applied. The Symbol can then be placed wherever needed without changing the orientation/location of the hatch.

Good luck,

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