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Render just fog

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Is there a way that I can render just the fog and nothing else? And then composite that into the final render without fog later? Compositing would be done with photoshop. I was initially thinking of making everything have a black color and normal textures, then just render without textures, but then it changes the colors of all of my 2D plan items as well. Any ideas?


Also, what render settings would you suggest for just rendering the fog as well? I am trying to avoid long render times.

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@tshelton I think Fabrica is right. If you're already planing on doing some PS work it will be so much faster and easier to add it in by hand. 

Make a layer, draw a cone shape with the polygon lasso tool, paint in a few strokes the color of your light. Gaussian Blur and use the eraser to touch up. Sometimes I'll drop in a subtle lens flare (Filter> Render> Lens Flair). 

I never use any of the post process effects in VW as they get added at the very end of the render. So much more speed and control in PS. I'm using Renderworks less and less. A regular render at any decent kind of DPI takes hours. Add in caustics, displacement, fog etc and the times can double. 

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