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  1. Hello, I am working on a render, and I am getting really bad splotchy shadows as you can see in the picture. I have indirect lighting set to 16 bounces. The lights are a glow texture. Any ideas on what may be causing this?
  2. @JuanP Sorry, within Vectorworks. With v2020 if you have dark mode turned on with a Mac, it will change the Vectorworks UI to be a dark mode as well. Is there something equivalent with Vectorworks for Windows?
  3. Is there a windows 10 dark mode within Vectorworks with the same look as the Mac counterpart? Or any ways to replicate it?
  4. So for the GT-1, it says minimum Zoom (Deg) 3,5¬į maximum Zoom (Deg.) 56,7¬į , so would both the beam and zoom angle grow together or would there be more information I would need to find to see how the beam and field angles change as it zooms?
  5. How would I know what to enter for the beam and field angle?
  6. Hello, Am I able to control the zoom level of lights that zoom within Vectorworks? I am using a few that do, one of them is a GT-1 https://www.germanlightproducts.com/product/gt-1/
  7. Ah that makes sense! Thank you for the clarification. I will need to look into figuring out the DMX.
  8. Thank you! Is there a tutorial for patching? I have a hard time finding a lot of video resources to follow for Vision.
  9. Hello! I am just picking up vision and trying to learn it. I've added a GLP GT-1 and a GLP X4S and then I open the software console to adjust the various pan and tilt and zoom, but there isn't anything in the software console to edit. Is this an issue with the original light instrument setup?
  10. Hello Everyone, I work currently on an older Mac Pro early 2013. We are going to upgrade my machine to a newer PC build and I was looking to see if I could get some suggestions on what parts would be suitable. I do mostly event design and rendering and will soon be using vision as well. We set up the lighting and everything in Vectorworks so we can create realistic visualizations for our customers. So first off, Is there any major difference in software or support if I use Windows instead of Mac? For the build, I am thinking of maybe a NVIDIA GeForce 2080 Super (8GB). And an AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (The new 12 core processor) and 32GB of RAM. And an SSD for sure. Let me know if this is shooting too high or too low with what I want to be able to do with it. The current Mac Pro I work on is a 3.5 6 core intel xeon E5 with 32 gb of ram and an AMD Fire Pro D700 6 GB and it has been working pretty good but it does take a while to respond on occasion when working on a large plan. Thank you!


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