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2020 - Worth upgrading yet?

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Hi All,


I'm just wondering if anybody has been using 2020 and how they have been finding it compared to 2019 in reality of day to day working? Now that SP2 is out we are considering making the jump but have been bitten by this before (2019 pretty much only stopped crashing for us at SP4/5).




- Any frequent crashing or significant bugs?

- Has anybody noticed any speed improvements/decreases on bread and butter operations? (drawing, panning, etc.)

- Any of the new functionality/workflow changes which is saving you a lot of time?

- Our office is still all on Mojave but how is the Catalina compatibility getting on?


I know some of these items are probably picked up in other threads but I'm looking for a current snapshot based on SP2 and its hard to seperate out the issues on older threads..



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