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Odd Dimensions

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We are having an odd problem with dimensions. When we create them they look fine but on printing out the drawing the numerical display has been compressed down to a single digit. ie what should read as 4500 is labelled as 4. As well as the compression of the number the numbers have also moved to be offset on the line and not in the centre of the dimension string as specified.

Has anybody else come across this and have any ideas how to sort it out?


John Ryan CPR Architects

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Katie - The problem appears to be unrelated to printing as we notice the change in the dimensions as we are drawing in the file. Tow other things to note:

1. The compressed numerical is not a single number but all the numbers compressed and overlayed on top of each other.

2. This change does not affect all dimension. It is a random effect

Delmer - The Page Units seem fine unless we are missing something

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