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Export to Grand MA2

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So am I correct in saying the export plugin will no longer work with vectorworks 2020. When trying to export none of the dmx address info is coming over into ma2 now.The 3d positioning still works.The universe data comes over also just sets all fixtures in that universe to 001. is this do to the new patch system in place and mvr files? Would be nice to see this working still as not everyone is on a ma3.



Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 10.54.25 AM.png

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This is probably going to be the situation till MA updates their plug-in to give you the new fields as choices.

I don't have the plug-in loaded but from memory they only listed a few fields in each pop-up so you can't choose the new filed names.

The only possible solution is to make user fields that match the field names that the MA2 export plug-in is expecting.

You can use Find and Modify or a worksheet to copy the values from one field to another before you run the export.

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On 9/19/2019 at 10:30 AM, klinzey said:

This is probably going to be the situation till MA updates their plug-in to give you the new fields as choices.

Why not instead make VW work with an existing plugin?

Every year a new VW comes out, and breaks the MA Export plugin.

Maybe you could in advance work with MA so they can update the plug in in advance?

Isn't Nemetschek supposed to make our lives better not worse?

Or is it because MA has a 3D modeling program that is free and that competes with Vision so you do this on purpose?

No that can't be it


Since VW/LW/MA2 is my primary workflow I won't be installing 2020 until this is resolved.

Or I'll be stuck with leaving 2019 on my machine and having to back save to do the export like with did with 2018

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@Mickey We work very closely with MA on a regular basis and they are given advanced beta copies of Vectorworks for development.

We encourage all third party plug-in developers to update their plug-in to be compatible with the advancements that Vectorworks makes and be ready to release updated plug-ins the day the new version of Vectorworks releases.


We have no control over the MA plug-in or any other third party plug-in.

Most advanced plug-in require updating require updating every version to work with the new release.


I would encourage you and others to reach out to MA support to request that the plug-in will be updated.


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