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  1. So help me if im doing something wrong, as im new to using braceworks. But i inserted a simple 10' stick of truss with a 1000lb point load on it. with 2 motors supporting the span. truss weight 67 lb motors with chain weight 187lb each point load 1000lb was expecting roughly 720lb per motor with it being a 50/50 split but when i run calculations it says motors are overloaded with 1273lb per point what am i doing wrong? or is this right? braceworks test.vwx
  2. So am I correct in saying the export plugin will no longer work with vectorworks 2020. When trying to export none of the dmx address info is coming over into ma2 now.The 3d positioning still works.The universe data comes over also just sets all fixtures in that universe to 001. is this do to the new patch system in place and mvr files? Would be nice to see this working still as not everyone is on a ma3.
  3. when your creating a data visualization under display criteria the colors dropdown choose objects with parameter to the right of that select hanging position in the dropdown, and then under that choose position name
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