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Polygon paint bucket mode

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Is there any chance of adding the paint-bucket mode of the polygon-tool as a marionette-node?


The idea is of having an input pt and the node fills the area with a polygon as if it would, when i use the polygon paint bucket at this place.

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There's always a chance, but I feel this may be a huge undertaking. Right now I'm not aware of any built-in functions that would be useful for this, so it would likely require checking most, if not all, of the objects in a drawing to see their placement with regards to that point, and then calculate all of their intersections. 

If I can find a more straightforward way to do this, then it could be possible.

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Hello herbieherb,


what exactly do you want to do? Maybe you can program your project into a manual part with the existing paint-bücket tool and a second automated part.


Friendly greetings


Pascal Völz

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I describet the project here:

Im trying to program the function with basic math but its a huge project and not very efficient in python/vectorscript. So i just asked myself, why the tool command isn't accessible via script and if it woul'd be that hard to make it accessible. Or if there is another way to get to the code of the tool so i don't have to rewrite it with my very basic skills. 🙂

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