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2020 Viewport Attribute Scaling Bug


In 2020 viewports>Advanced Properties

  • The 'line type scale' only works in preview but doesn't apply to the viewport.
  • Hatch scaling doesn't work at all.



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Hmm... I can't replicate either of these; they seem to work as expected.  But maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue...

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Curious.  I've found this behavior to be repeatable in multiple files.  Here's some screen shots to further illustrate the behavior.  Note - these settings worked fine in 2019.


First image:  Two viewports.  The one on the right is 50% the scale of the one on the left.




Second Image:  The test was to see if the "line type scale" could be reduced to 50%.  This screen shot is a "preview" of the setting.  Note the "X's" in the fence line.  They are shown at the same relative spacing as in the larger viewport - as intended.  However:





Third Image: Once the user clicks OK, the line type display reverts to its default size.  Note, the X's now appear at the same spacing in both viewports.

Hatches don't change in either preview or after exiting the Advanced Viewport Properties dialog.




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Okay, I can replicate your problem when I use a Page Scale Complex Line Type: it goes to 50% as expected with "Preview," but not in the viewport itself.


However, the hatch, as long as it's Page Scale, does go to 50% of its original size, as expected.  Oh, wait, hold the phone.  Evidently that's only upon the first attempt.  After that, it appears to be as you say...


If I create a new viewport, and skip the "Preview," the hatch seems to respond to the Advanced Properties, but the line type scale does not.


Seems you've maybe stumbled on a bug.  But at least it's a sporadic bug... the best kind... 



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