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Edit Viewport Annotations > Edit Design Layer > Return to Viewport Disfunction in 2019


It used to be that when editing viewport annotations, right click, edit design layer (or elevation or section in place) then clicking the "Return to Viewport " would put me right back to where I was working in the viewport when I left. Now, it navigates back to the sheet layer, in an odd place on the page, usually not near where I was working, and I have to exit the viewport and then double click to open up the viewport for annotation again, adding two extra steps that previously did not exist. Will the previous functionality be restored to this feature?  Let me know if you want more details or a video screen grab. Thank you. 

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Hi @jtempleton, I just verified that the desired behaviour your describe above still occurs in my installation of Vectorworks 2019 SP4. So I'd say your installation is malfunctioning but can be corrected using the standard remedies below: 

  1. This type of behaviour is unlikely to be file-specific, but if it is you have your answer. (Test for this in a new blank document). 
  2. Restart Vectorworks, failing that; 
  3. Restart your computer, failing that; 
  4. Try an alternate, default Workspace, then re-test. If this works remove your faulty workspace. If not applicable;  
  5. (Windows only) - Update your graphics card driver. Failing that; 
  6. Reset Vectorworks Preferences. Failing that;  
  7. (Windows only) Reinstall your graphics card driver. Failing that; 
  8. Uninstall then reinstall Vectorworks. 

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Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the response. These are good tips that I wouldn't have known to check on my own.  I will test it out to try to determine the problem. I didn't think to check the workspace. This definitely occurs in all files so far, and sometimes I even get a crash when returning to the viewport. Fun! 

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