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I’m trying to connect the roof and wall components but it doesn’t seem to be working. As you can see from the image attached, the gabled roof sort of works as it is understanding where to offset the joists, sheathing and insulation (in relation to the wall) but the other roofs are not working. 


I’ve associated the walls to the roofs. I’ve tried manually offsetting components but this doesn’t seem efficient when there are many walls. 


Maybe I’m missing something but it’d be great to get some opinions. I essentially want the cladding, wall insulation and sheathing to run up to the roof finish.

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 9.07.00 AM.png


19.07.31 PLAN TEST.vwx

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@VinceCastanon  You originally had your Datum set at the framing component of the roof (which makes perfect sense !).  I merely changed the datum up to the Sheathing component.  You'll need to chase that around the model to see if it truly  IS a solution, but it did seem to work on my initial test.


Good luck!



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I usually draw my walls, then my roof,  then use the AEC fit walls to objects command.  That will fit the walls to the underside of the roof object.
Next I select the walls and in the OIP I add a top offset to the components that I want to raise up to the roof sheathing. 
One of the things I like about the last few releases of VW is the ability to adjust the wall component offsets of individual walls,  even if they are a styled wall.





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