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  1. @Alan Woodwell Your resource was perfect, just what I was looking for. I do have a couple of questions that may push beyond the script's limit - can the path be replaced with a 3D Polygon to put trim around gables for example? Can a texture be added to the gutters or trim? When I've tried to do that it seems to disappear - only solid colours work.
  2. @Wes Gardner Although, after reading your post I'm realizing that it was the siding that needed to move up to the roof not the roof down. I suspect this is an easy fix?
  3. @Wes Gardner Exactly like that! Was the issue to do with the Edge conditions?
  4. @Wes Gardner Thanks Wes, good to go!
  5. @Wes Gardner Hi Wes, thanks for tackling this! I'm trying to follow along but I cant seem to open you example VWX files. I'm running architect 2018. Thanks
  6. I’m trying to connect the roof and wall components but it doesn’t seem to be working. As you can see from the image attached, the gabled roof sort of works as it is understanding where to offset the joists, sheathing and insulation (in relation to the wall) but the other roofs are not working. I’ve associated the walls to the roofs. I’ve tried manually offsetting components but this doesn’t seem efficient when there are many walls. Maybe I’m missing something but it’d be great to get some opinions. I essentially want the cladding, wall insulation and sheathing to run up to the roof finish. 19.07.31 PLAN TEST.vwx
  7. Thanks guys, both were helpful I was certainly looking for something that allowed for a pitch/angle input but I managed with just the "Top Shape". Cheers
  8. I'm trying to create a window that matches the angle of my dormer (22˚). Is there any way to do this using the window tool? I suspect that each panel will have to be individually modelled but how would VW quantify/recognize it when putting together window schedules. I've attached a screenshot of the intent as well as the 3D model to date. Note that the window is realistically made up of 4 larger panels since structural post will run between them to support the roof above. I suspect that the windows will need to be modelled with this logic?
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