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Best Practice for Dimensions and Notes?

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In my first really full (largely) 3D / BIM project I created a fairly well fleshed out model of a modest house I am currently building. From my 2D drawing background and habits my model (and model space design layers) is (are) polluted with all of the dimensions and annotations and notes. I realize I can just set a VP with select class and layer visibility but I have begun to wonder if there is a better process. Is it common to fully dimension and notate a drawing in the VP annotations space?  Should I be notating and dimensioning elsewhere other than the design layers where say my walls are laid out? 

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If you are doing a building model workflow then all of your annotation for views generated from the building model, including plans, should be in Viewports on Sheet Layers.


If you have 2D only drawings, such as details, on other Design Layers then you can choose between annotating on the design layer or in the annotation space of its Viewport on a Sheet Layer.

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I Annotate my Viewport elevations on Sheet Layers. Is there a way to keep the rendered elevation when I go in to annotate? The rendered elevation goes to a wire frame model and impossible to note easily. Surely I am missing something simple here.


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