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  1. Phil Schawe

    Blue cast in rendering

    THANK YOU! I knew it must be something simple! I changed my heliodon from white fill to a very light tan.
  2. Phil Schawe

    Blue cast in rendering

    my renderings alwayshave a blue cast. any way to make this more realistic? blue cast 2.tiff blue cast.tiff
  3. Phil Schawe

    Roof Textures

    You can also rotate textures in the OIP
  4. Phil Schawe

    Column plug-in question

    yes, sir. with 2016 the option is to assign a class texture to 'other', rather than roof and walls. I've done that. Everything else I have done as you suggest.
  5. Phil Schawe

    Column plug-in question

    Using the Column plug-in tool, I'm having trouble applying a stone texture to the column base. I gave the base a class color in the Settings dialog box, and I associated a stone texture with the class color, but the base doesn't render the texture. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks. Phil VW 2016 Column.tif


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