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  1. okay - I just deleted that PIO and started from scratch, and everything is A-OK. maybe a PIO can get corrupted?
  2. Still an issue in a clean file. Here it is: Door.vwx
  3. Here's a rendermap showing the door. Sidelites and transom rendering fine.
  4. yes, absolutely. I can't figure what wrong. I'm rendering in Open GL
  5. I'm using the Door PIO and have selected a solid door with a vision lite. I can't seem to get the lite to render as clear glass, even though I have it set in Classes as Clear Glazing. All my other windows and storefront doors render glass as clear. I had changed to a solid door from a glass door, and the glass door rendered fine. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  6. I have had a similar problem pop up: When I have a vision panel in a solid wood door, it renders white even though the sidelite+transom render clear. Both assigned to same glass class: Settings.tiff GlassDoor.tiff
  7. Wow thanks so much for this info!
  8. Maybe a dumb question, but I am thinking of getting a new M1 MacBook Air and wondering if VW2018 will run on it. Not my main machine, but just for doodling when I am not in the office. If no, should I get an older PowerBook?
  9. Yes in Preferences, BUT you pointed me in the right direction and I found the problem! It's the Edit VP annotation window; I didn't have the "Display Viewport cache" box checked. Thanks so much! VP button.tiff
  10. Thanks Wes! Yeah I know there MUST be a way to keep them rendered ; maybe a preference button somewhere?
  11. I Annotate my Viewport elevations on Sheet Layers. Is there a way to keep the rendered elevation when I go in to annotate? The rendered elevation goes to a wire frame model and impossible to note easily. Surely I am missing something simple here.
  12. I'm a sole practitioner in Houston, angling toward retirement, and overwhelmed with work. My practice is mostly commercial restaurant design, with an occasional custom home. I need someone to develop my VW design drawings and SD work thru permit-ready documents. Totally open to design collaboration as relationship develops. I have been using VW since the MiniCad days in the 90's. The ideal candidate will have VW-specific experience in a variety of project types. The ability to work from schematic design through the production of construction drawings with details is essential. Knowledge of light-frame wood and small commercial work is helpful. Quick study 3D drawings of design concepts are a vital part of my practice. While the ability to meet deadlines with accuracy is vital, you otherwise have the flexibility to follow your own schedule. Location in Houston/Texas area a plus, but not a requirement. Work may be sporadic with both large (ground up) and small (remodel) projects over the next 12 months or so. Requirements · Vectorworks 2018 software · Experience producing CD's for permits · show fluency using Vectorworks · solid construction background · strong communication skills · ability to listen well and take direction Contact: schawe@aol.com for inquiries
  13. THANK YOU! I knew it must be something simple! I changed my heliodon from white fill to a very light tan.
  14. my renderings alwayshave a blue cast. any way to make this more realistic? blue cast 2.tiff blue cast.tiff
  15. You can also rotate textures in the OIP
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