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  1. okay - I just deleted that PIO and started from scratch, and everything is A-OK. maybe a PIO can get corrupted?
  2. Still an issue in a clean file. Here it is: Door.vwx
  3. Here's a rendermap showing the door. Sidelites and transom rendering fine.
  4. yes, absolutely. I can't figure what wrong. I'm rendering in Open GL
  5. I'm using the Door PIO and have selected a solid door with a vision lite. I can't seem to get the lite to render as clear glass, even though I have it set in Classes as Clear Glazing. All my other windows and storefront doors render glass as clear. I had changed to a solid door from a glass door, and the glass door rendered fine. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
  6. I have had a similar problem pop up: When I have a vision panel in a solid wood door, it renders white even though the sidelite+transom render clear. Both assigned to same glass class: Settings.tiff GlassDoor.tiff
  7. Wow thanks so much for this info!
  8. Maybe a dumb question, but I am thinking of getting a new M1 MacBook Air and wondering if VW2018 will run on it. Not my main machine, but just for doodling when I am not in the office. If no, should I get an older PowerBook?
  9. Yes in Preferences, BUT you pointed me in the right direction and I found the problem! It's the Edit VP annotation window; I didn't have the "Display Viewport cache" box checked. Thanks so much! VP button.tiff
  10. Thanks Wes! Yeah I know there MUST be a way to keep them rendered ; maybe a preference button somewhere?
  11. I Annotate my Viewport elevations on Sheet Layers. Is there a way to keep the rendered elevation when I go in to annotate? The rendered elevation goes to a wire frame model and impossible to note easily. Surely I am missing something simple here.
  12. I'm a sole practitioner in Houston, angling toward retirement, and overwhelmed with work. My practice is mostly commercial restaurant design, with an occasional custom home. I need someone to develop my VW design drawings and SD work thru permit-ready documents. Totally open to design collaboration as relationship develops. I have been using VW since the MiniCad days in the 90's. The ideal candidate will have VW-specific experience in a variety of project types. The ability to work from schematic design through the production of construction drawings with details is essential. Knowledge of light-frame wood and small commercial work is helpful. Quick study 3D drawings of design concepts are a vital part of my practice. While the ability to meet deadlines with accuracy is vital, you otherwise have the flexibility to follow your own schedule. Location in Houston/Texas area a plus, but not a requirement. Work may be sporadic with both large (ground up) and small (remodel) projects over the next 12 months or so. Requirements · Vectorworks 2018 software · Experience producing CD's for permits · show fluency using Vectorworks · solid construction background · strong communication skills · ability to listen well and take direction Contact: schawe@aol.com for inquiries
  13. THANK YOU! I knew it must be something simple! I changed my heliodon from white fill to a very light tan.
  14. my renderings alwayshave a blue cast. any way to make this more realistic? blue cast 2.tiff blue cast.tiff
  15. You can also rotate textures in the OIP
  16. yes, sir. with 2016 the option is to assign a class texture to 'other', rather than roof and walls. I've done that. Everything else I have done as you suggest.
  17. Using the Column plug-in tool, I'm having trouble applying a stone texture to the column base. I gave the base a class color in the Settings dialog box, and I associated a stone texture with the class color, but the base doesn't render the texture. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks. Phil VW 2016 Column.tif
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