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Exporting to DWG

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Having problems exporting out VW file to AutoCad 2000 DWG using VW 11.5. I am turning off all of the fills and hatches check boxes. I have walls that are cavity walls and they have a stipple hatch, even with the hatch off it still imports them into the DWG file. I re imported the DWG into VW and it shows up and it should not. It has the same problem with a hatch in a symbol as well. This was done on a G4 1.8 GHz, 512 RAm, OS X and Vectorworks 11.5. Any help?

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As an update to the post above, the export to DWG problem seems to be apparent with only some files, and was introduced with the latest update (i.e. the 40462 update). I have files that consistently crash Vectorworks when completing the export if someone from Nemetschek would like to review them.



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