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Install numpy for python in Vectorworks 2019?

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Hi all,


What is the easiest way to install numpy for python in Vectoworks 2019? I found a thread (below) that discusses it but I get an error message when I try to do as instructed with the file provided.




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Hi Nomi,

welcome to the forum.


If you are getting an error message, that numpy and scipy cannot be installed, it is most likely due to an incompatibility with the python version.

When you look at the file links inside the voronoi node, you will notice, that in the file names it says "cp33", which stands for "CPython 3.3". VW 2019 is shipped with CPython 3.5 though.


Here you can find the latest numpy files:









Using these should solve the problem.

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Hi Antonio,


Thanks! I've downloaded version 3.5 but am having trouble locating where to put them in the Vectorworks library. I'm following the instruction in the thread I linked above, specifically this paragraph:


To install Numpy and Scipy on a Mac, use the description you got with these files. Make sure to install them where you can find them      later because you'll need to move them to another folder.

Once they are installed just go to your Vectorworks.app and right-click it to enter the contents of the app ('show package contents'). Browse to Contents:Frameworks:Python.framework:Versions:3.3:lib:python3.3:site-packages and drop the folders "numpy", "numpy-1.9.3.dist-info", "scipy" and "scipy-0.16.0.dist-info" in there.


Any thoughts? Much appreciated!


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Ah one more thing - could you point me towards the correct Scipy file for Mac as well?


Thanks again.

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good you figured it out. 🙂


But in case somone else wants to know:

Manually downloading python libraries isn't necessary. You just have to replace the links in the node* with the latest version.


* In the file VoronoiObj_v2017_CrossPlatform_MFarrell.vwx it's the node called "Voronoi".


With Scipy it's exactly the same as with Numpy: find the file repository, choose the right file and replace the links.

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Does anybody know where I can find instructions for installing numpy, scipy, etc on a mac for Vectorworks 2020? I am getting an error when I try to install numpy, etc via VoronoiObj_v2017_CrossPlatform_MFarrell.vwx and I am not sure how I should update the links as suggested by Antonio. Thanks for anyone who can give me some advice since my scripts are dependant on numpy!


Thanks in advance

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Hello DomC,

have you the same file "module importer for numpy scipy and pillow" that run with VW2019 (run and open with) ? 

I'm trying to install Numpy for a lot of time...More generaly, thank for all your works.


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