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Bob Griffith

Shop using SW 2019 cannot 3D render DXF export.

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Still using pre-parasolid VW 2008.  Do both architecture and mechanical, but infrequently.  Possible first 3D submittal from VW to CAM via Solidworks 2019 front end at CAM shop.  Sample top/plan dxf conversion file submitted below.  Pict of export panel also submitted below.


Problem:  Solidworks import sees top/plan as static 2D view without any apparent 3D properties.  


Meanwhile, this file imports back into a newly launched VW fully 3D functional. 


Please advise.  






DXF Export Panel.png


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What other formats will they accept than DXF? STL may work depending on the kind of shape and type of machining they're doing.

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Posted (edited)

A couple of thoughts -


- try exporting while your file is in a 3d view, not top/plan view.

- use the newest export version possible (for VW 2008 it should be newer than DXF 2000 / 2000i / 2002).

- use DWG instead of DXF if at all possible.





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Jim -- They seem to like AutoCad 2000 and can do IGES (which doesn't re-import back into VW cleanly for me), Step & X_T -- and of course SW native..


Kevin --  I'll try all, one at a time.  Expecially the 3D view (your online help ticket guy also recommends that).


Thanks guys.  Let you know.





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Final solution for me to export a valid 3D part file from VW 2008 to a particular fab shop's SW 2019.


1)  Yes, import from a 3D view and not the top/plan view.


2)  Remove all other assembly layers except for the subject part.


3)  Export as IGES with the NURBS option selected.


Thanks guys!

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