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Load ID in spotlight Numbering

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When setting an instrument onto the trussing, I attach one with auto attach, then duplicate array for most instruments because I do not like to convert to hanging positions.  I try to keep the rigging and lx plot files in the same file if possible. 


The problem is that when you duplicate array it dupes the load id and you have to go through and change each instrument manually, is there a way to do this?  or talks to get load ID in the numbering tool?

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But could Braceworks ID be separate from Hoist ID field? I think plenty on users use that as ID field to label hoist in plans. As Stefan said, now when you develop your best identification system to design it is all gone when you "Reset Braceworks IDs".


You can also use Notes field to ID your hoists but that is not most intuitive way when you have Hoist ID field available.


Lighting Devices don't use ex. Unit Number field for Braceworks ID. If you set Unit Number it is Unit Number even if you reset BW IDs.


I recall some earlier thread in forums where there was discussion that BW ID could be changed to use some invisible UID in hoist. Has this been considered?


In my honest opinion Hoist ID and Braceworks ID should be different data. 

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This is something that must be addressed somehow. While I do not control our light technician and how he draws fixtures, I'm pretty sure he does not care about the "load ID". Meaning, that I would need to run this command several times in the future, and then do the naming of hoists two times since I do need the naming of them before the light tech gets around to doing his job.


So, why would you add "Load ID" to all loads except a hoist and truss?

And why have you made a function to reset the IDs but you have to reset all, Most likely some or most of the IDs are correct, and they might have a meaning other than a random number VW creates.


The light tech can have 1000 fixtures with the same ID and I can have 100 hoists to support that with all unique IDs. Vectorworks aims to save time, correct?


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How from Calculation Overview I easily know with out double clicking row what is M7 in my drawing now that I have done Reset Braceworks ID:s? I can't even add columns to show Notes field from Hoist to know what M(Number) is what Hoist. If I could see Notes field I would know at instant what hoist is in question. Not to mention that ID could be ID that I have given to hoist and not the ID program likes to give to hoist.

And if I happen to be in some 3D view double clicking the row takes view to some odd place that usually does not even show that hoist on clicked row. Maybe clicking row could change view also to Top/Plan to this function to work better? 


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