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How to detect screen plane/layer plane?

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I'm working with a 2D path object plugin, and I'd like to detect if the path has been created on a screen plane or layer plane. 


I tried this:

GetObjectVariableBoolean(handle, 1160);

using both plugin and path handles, but I always get the same result drawing in screen plane or layer plane.



Any advice is appreciated, thanks!



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Can you post a small sample file showing this issue. I just tested this before I posted.


I drew a line in layer plane. Duplicated it and converted to Screen Plane and then ran the following one-line script.


Message(Date(2,2),' 650:',GetObjectVariableBoolean(FSActLayer,650),' 651:',GetObjectVariableBoolean(FSActLayer,651));

Message(Date(2,2),' 650:',GetObjectVariableBoolean(FSActLayer,650),' 651:',GetObjectVariableBoolean(FSActLayer,651));

I get reversed results between the Layer and Screen plane versions.

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GetPlanarRef doesn't work too. I created a new 2d path plugin and GetObjectVariableBoolean 650 and 651 works correctly, Pat!

I will check what's wrong in my code.



Now I understood. Variable 650/651 read if an object is 2D or 3D: a 2D object in a custom plane is detected as 3D. For this reason the new plugin I created works, because I only created a 2D polyline to test. But my plugin use the 2D path to create a 3D object, so I receive the same value because my object is a 3D object, in both screen or plan mode.


The only way to solve my problem is being able to read the custom plane tilt, but I didn't find a command for this.

(I found GetWorkingPlaneN but it isn't relative to an object)



Thank you all!


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