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Hi guys,

Working on my first worksheets ever...in one of my first fully 3D drawing...learning BIM...and I love it!

I have few questions on the way:


1. Is there a way to retrieve 'orientation' value from energos - building envelope - window/door/roof/slab/wall...for worksheet? I found energos label information available through 'records'...and some others through 'functions'.. but haven find this one yet. 



2. Can I call up net area (without window/door..any openings) of facade 'orientation' awar? Lets say facade facing south has this amount of surface area while east etc...and sum opening area for same orientation is ...square meters

VW has this information somewhere on background...


3. Can be particular object in one room be aware (through space object) of which space - room it belongs. I would like to show in windows/door (and maybe other) schedule where it belongs to what room...I guess we could apply this to other situation too like what and how much room finish belongs to what space...


4. What would be the easiest and most sustainable way to get this information. I am trying to add some text description to each individual component of my styles...to provide more information than the name of particular component. Do I need to attach some records...?



5. Can I retrieve some data - value from other worksheet within one file...I mean active link to some cell with sum values and use it for calculations in other worksheet?


6. (Not worksheet related one)What is the way to force VW to keep my default lists be my first and really DEFAULT (list like Lambda value, system lists etc...). I see that they will not stick default across whole vw...with some exemption. I miss this especially in energos environment where are many different lists to fill in different systems for building and 'users' will not stick first.


7. Why energos will not use my document custom units (m², m³) but use sq m, cu m etc....


Thanks a lot for reading this long list and for any advice or help. Much appreciated.


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I finally had some time to play with this. It does not look like what you are trying to do is going to be easy.


The Energos label contains a very strange array of data containing information about each of the objects that make up the overall Energos model. The length of this array appears to change depending on how many objects are included in the model.


So to get the information from the Energos Label about the objects, you have to manually enter the formula for each object in the array.


The information that appears to be stored for each object is:


    [0] Object From the Drawing		'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fOriginalObject0'				Text
    [0] Is Modified					'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fModified0'					Text
    [0] Sort Index					'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fSortIndex0'					Text
    [0] Include						'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fInclude0'						Text
    [0] Type						'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fType0'						Text
    [0] Orientation					'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fOrientation.fOrientation0'	Text
    [0] Inclination					'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fOrientation.fInclination0'	Text
    [0] Name						'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fName0'						Text
    [0] Area						'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fArea0'						Text
    [0] Area Adjustment				'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fAreaAdjustment0'				Text
    [0] UValue						'EnergyLabel'.'Document.farrBuildingElements.fUValue0'						Text

The number at the end increments for each different object. All of the formulas return TEXT type data.


The  fOriginalObject appears to be a textual representation of the Handle to the original object.


So if you want to access the data (for display purposes, not a 2-way worksheet), you could probably write a script that would read through the Energy Label record and then store the data into a custom record attached to the original objects. You would have to covert the text respresentaion of the Handle into a LongInt to be able to find the original object. You could then do a database of the objects with the custom record to report the data. You would have to rerun the script any time you made a change to the Energos model to update the data.


Once you have the data identified with the individual objects you should be able to report on those objects any way you want in a worksheet. Once column for Orientation and once for =Area. Sum on Orientation and you should get the total area.


It appears doable, but not likely to be fun to program or deal with.

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Thanks a lot Pat,


Scripting is something i haven't started yet, but I think I am getting ready to start with something simple.

For me it is unknown realm at the moment...I will definitely give it a try.


Regarding referencing worksheet cells I am really happy it is possible in one file, does this work between different files too?




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I don't think you can reference across files directly.




If you don't need to use the modern Viewport based referencing, you could try and use a Layer Link to bring an updatable version of the worksheet (on a layer) into the file and then you might be able to access the cells on a read only basis.

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