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Creating 3D shapes from 2D shape

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OH apologies, I misunderstood.

Fastest method is likely two cylindrical extrudes overlapping, then a 45 rotated square extrude overlapping and lower than the crossing of the cylinders, add that all together as a solid, then you can use Fillet Edge and give the entire top a fillet to get the curved surface. 

Lofts as suggested above are possible as well especially if you know the exact dimensions you need. The most manipulable way is likely the Subdivision tool in mirror mode, so you can mold one half and get it just the way you want if its just a visual component.

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I would start by extruding a heart and filleting the edges using the Fillet Edge tool. Note that you will have more success by having the heart coming to a point for the initial geometry. Soften it after using a fillet. Here's an example file. Ungroup the fillets to see the various steps and the starting point. While both examples look the same in the end, the steps for each are slightly different.






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