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  1. Hey everyone. Every time I open a new document, the Snap to grid options in the Smart curser settings are set to ON and to 1" by default. Any way to turn this off? Seems a bit arbitrary to start a document but LIMITING how one can draw an object. thanks
  2. Please, someone please tell me there is a way to turn off the snap grid from ever coming on again. The snap grid on any new document is always on and set to 1". Which means for every document I start I am FORCED to turn off the grid (which always comes back on no matter what) or change it to .000001" to do any sort of detail less than 1". Please tell me there's a way to change this permanently.
  3. Hello Hive Mind. There is this annoying issue whereby when I paste annotations from one viewport to another, and the scale is different, the text size changes when pasting into a new viewport. From a workflow standpoint, I create multiple views of one object on a sheet layer, side view, isometric, etc. I notate the first viewport with all the appropriate callouts that then need to copy and paste into the next view. Simple, nice workflow. However, if the next viewport is a different scale, the annotations change based on the next viewports scale. I'm not sure the logic on this from Vectorworks, I can't imagine anyone would want their fonts on a sheet later to be different sizes just because the viewport is a different scale. Is there a preference setting somewhere that dictates this? Thanks in advance Aaron
  4. except it doesn't work. Here's an image of extruded polygon, with a glow texture, 300%, white. No ambient lighting, no environmental lighting, 4 bounces, glow object behind another object so the light just goes on the wall, black walls surrounding all 6 sides of the objects. and Voila - a blown out room.
  5. Thanks Jim, the tutorial you referenced talks about extruding an shape, it doesn't mention anything about making the extruded object spherical like the reference photograph. Any thoughts?
  6. Hello Hive mind. Does anyone know how I create a 3D shape from a 2D shape? For example, I can create a sphere very easily using the sphere tool, but how do I turn a 2D drawing of a heart into a 3D heart? See attached.
  7. Thanks markdd. I've tried the glow option before and the problem with this set up is the light from the glow is never contained within the channel, it goes through the wall and basically lights the entire room, obliterating any other lighting that's been set up, and turning the render into a nuclear reactor. See the Third image attached, this entire view is lit with no lights, ambient lighting turned off, but settings set to 4 bounces, lit entirely from the glows that are technically behind the wall and shouldn't be lighting the room. Second, with the lighting settings to interior 4 bounces it completely overrides any lighting in the render and the scene becomes overly lit with nothing. Second image attached is the glow texture set to 25% and the ambient light set to 4 bounces, Third image is the lighting settings set to all none, and now everything is just lit by the line lights and glow textures in the monitors. Which looks great, but there's no way to put the light in the channel now. It's as if there's no way to do this trick without effecting the rest of the render.
  8. Hello Vectorworks Hive! I'm having a huge struggle with creating a realistic, (or even semi-realistic) version of a recessed led lighting effect. I've attached a picture of live examples and a drawing of what the actual structure would look like. I've tried line light, I've tried area light, I've tried placing a billion individual spot lights. Nothing seems to work or even remotely look close. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. A
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