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Ryan Seybert

6ft lighting pipe "Static System is not properly supported"

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I would disconnect the pipe completely. Braceworks doesn't deal well with an object running off to the side of the truss without a support out there. Has the pipe been changed to a truss type object? Same might happen if it's a "hanging position."

To calculate the weight, I'd add a static weight object centered on the truss and add the weight of the pipe. As for the lighting unit, place it on the truss itself. Once it's attached, then move it off the truss out to where you want it. You'll end up with an indicator line pointing back to the location on the truss where it thinks it's attached.


hth, Scott

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Also, you have to note that a "drop" is meant for vertical tension dead hang either with or without a motor.  So when it says "the system is not properly supported" it makes sense, imagine trying to attach a pipe with a piece of chain or a steel sling.  It does not assume you are using a cheseboro.  Honestly I think the best way is to do the math for a cantilever out, get the forces, and simply put a simple point load on there to get the weight into your calcs with a decent safety factor built in keeping in mind you will not have deflection due to truss twisting and balance in the equation, but one leko on a pipe is pretty insignificant.  I think the equation is F2=(- D1/Span)(W) and F1=(- D2/Span)(W) to get both upward and downward forces if my memory serves me right.

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On 2/6/2019 at 8:16 PM, rseybert said:

Whats the fix for this?!


Thanks in advance.



Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 6.07.08 PM.png



Hi!    This drove me nuts for a while,   I finally figured out the way to get this to calculate is to change the connection type (in the OIP of the Blue Diamond) from Pliable to Rigid.  




You will likely receive new warning message (though the loads will still calculate)  that says:





Which based on my reading basically means the pipe/load isn't balanced.   Hope this helps!



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