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Project Sharing Conflict


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I fear I made a mistake in acting quickly to look at something.


I have a file we are working on with project sharing in a shared Dropbox folder.  The project file and the working files are in the same directory.  I have been just working from my files working file and saving/committing to the project file as needed. 


I wanted to look at something quickly with a coworker and accidentally opened the project file and didn't catch it.  I wasn't actually "working" on stuff in that file we were just chatting about things and moving around in there.  However, I did drop in a rectangle just to show something.  


My issues is I now have the rectangle in my file when I go back to my working file and I am unable to delete it because it is tied to a working file that essentially does not exist.  It is the "same" working file I am in.  I cannot seem to forcibly check out or do anything to it.  I am also the admin of the file.  


Any thoughts on what I should/could do to get rid of my rouge rectangle?

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