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VW 2019 Defaults to Referencing Images Instead of Importing

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Whenever I add an image to VW 2019 it comes in as a referenced file instead of importing. This never happened in previous versions. While I can sort of see how this might be useful in some specific situations, it definitely isn't in mine, and I find it quite obnoxious as my job uses tons of graphics. Does anyone know if this is a setting that can be changed and where that might be located?

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Hey @zoomer,


Your describing the specific situation I was talking about, and yes, I can see the value there. If I used textures that update frequently and needed that reflected in my drafting, I can see it being very useful. I use references for similar reasons elsewhere. My main point is: Why isn't it optional? and why is it the default? After all this time, to suddenly make it default without explanation is... I was going to say odd, but I guess it's not that odd for this company. I really just want to be able to change it, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if and where this setting might be found.



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To get it correct,

you were talking about real "images" (my specific situation #2)

not Image Textures (my #1) ?


For #2,

I totally agree, Referencing might be useful, but better as an option.

(I too do not find any Setting about Referencing (anything) or not)

But nothing that I use.



For #1,

yes, in the past I did change Image Textures once in a while.

But I don't think I do that today anymore.

If a client says,

.... your Wood Texture is beautiful .... but ... can we have it more yellowish ....

I edit a Duplicate WoodName_Yellow.png and change Material assignments,

to be able to react to a

... Oh, you were right, your initial color was clearly better ...

by reassigning the previous Texture.


But I have a common Project Texture Folder from which I use same Textures from ALL Apps

(up to 5 Apps per Project).

And I have created a nice Texture Collection over the years.

With nice Naming that I find my Textures easier in Finder or when assigning.


And all Apps beside VW are able to link (or Reference) these Textures.

I am fine that when I need to send such a File to someone else, I have to Save it out as a

File Archive, not just a Save As, with all necessary Referenced Ressources - so that the other

person has the same File Experience.

(Which is something that I very rarely do or need anyway)

VW thinks all Resources should reside in a single File, including Referenced Files.

I am fine with that, yeah, redundant File Size and more tedious Backups, as I have to keep

offering my Textures in the Project Texture Folder for other Apps anyway.


But arbitrarily renaming my Texture Files is really totally counter productive.

As I need to add these duplicates later and clutter my Texture Folder,

as these will be used in Material Assignments when I do C4D Exchange.

So in this case the least important App for my Rendering allows itself to dictate my

Texture Naming !?


So for Referencing any Images or Textures,

I wouldn't have a real problem with it, I would even prefer it.

(Maybe that would prevent from unwanted Texture Renaming and redundant Data)

But I see no clue that Image Textures would get now only referenced ...


I did a Test and loaded some Textures :

- the are really imported in the File

- they lose their Naming

- VW to C4D even forgets to export them when they are in the Diffuse Color Slot.


EDIT : That worked for the second Test from a blank template


(while a quick test with a Texture in Reflection* Slot worked)


*EDIT : I meant Bump Slot



So no Changes in VW recognizable for me here ....

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33 minutes ago, fabrica said:

yes, having this problem also with 2019 - the option to turn off reference is not available for some reason in 2019.


Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 19.38.34.png


Thanks Fabrica !


Got it.

Immedeately tried if that could work with Textures too ...


I nearly thought I was completely wrong with my previous Post above.

I realized that indeed I can load an standard Image - as a Reference - and am able to select such an Image

and apply as a Texture in a Material Slot !

That could be my solution (or workaround workflow) !


But of course it doesn't work ...

- The Texture will still be copied into the Material or File,

- It will still get renamed

- It will be exported by creating another redundant "Tex" Folder for C4D and hardlink Textures to them ...


And the best thing is,

when I try to make use of the Goodies of Referencing,

like changing the Image File externally from a Gray to a Blue Color

close and re-open my File,

the "real" Image is Referenced and appears in Blue now.

But the Imgage Texture in my Material didn't realize anything at all,

it shows still the Old Gray Color.


And when I try to check and open that Image in Channel's Image Editor,

it doesn't even show the preview and I think it even lost awareness of what Image there should be ....

(You had one job, one single job, ....)

Which I think is a bug.


That is all so annoying for me ....



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