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importing textures

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i have some 260 carpet textures in an external file that i would like to use in vectorworks for rendering, is there a way to import the 260 textures without having to create a texture in the resource browser....i can resize the texture once they are in the resource browser as i need......thanks

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To my knowledge no.

One must import thru Resource Browser as it sets the parameters up import.

May be edited after import.


Remember, an image is 2D

Texture is 3D

Even with same image.

Comes down to how Vectorworks applies the image.



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@Phil hunt

Actually there is, but the path is a bit convoluted.


I used sketchup as a stepping stone to import the required textures. If you know how to use it do the following :


after installing sketchup - go to sketchucation.com and download the store rbz plugin or find - fredo-import all from folder plugin.


What this plugin basically does is it imports all image files from a directory. (this is how i imported over 5,000 textures into my library, and i'm still not done!)


Once you import all the images, select all and explode them (that will populate the sketchup document file directory. Once imported and exploded, save the file.


Afterwards, import the sketchup file into VW without erasing the geometry inside of the file. Once you do that, it should import as textures.


Just be sure to input the correct names of the textures in the directory (especially if they are pbr textures) like texture a vs texturea_bump (I use an open source file renaming utility) etc..


Hope this helps!

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