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Benson Shaw

Worksheet collapse or hide rows

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Worksheet database headers calling valid data cause sub rows (item rows? not sure of name) to appear below the database row.  eg 12.1,, etc.  Is there a way to collapse or hide these sub rows and show only the summation values in the header row?





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No way that I know of.  Two options:


1.  Pick a field that is the same on all of the items and SUMMARIZE based on that column. That should get you one subrow.  Select the Sum Values option in each column and you should have the same values in the header and the subrow. Hide the headers and you should have what you are looking for.


2. Don't use a database at all and just use the functions with criteria. i.e. =Count((C=;'My_Class'))  Will return the number of objects in the class names My_Class. I don't think you can do this for Record.Field combinations.

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Great, Thanks, Pat!


I have 27 stainless panels with lattice cutouts, and about 1000 little pieces hanging in the lattice holes. Engineer needs total area and metal weight, but I don't want 1027 rows to show on the worksheet.  I used the blank, perimeter shapes drawn as polylines on their own layer, in their own class.


Made #2 work but with function =Count with the sum and summary options.  Then other columns for area and weight.

Couldn't get any results with=Count((C=;'Bridge3-PanelBlank')).  Maybe it's the hyphen in my class name.


Thanks again.



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