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2019 -- Story Bounded Walls -- WHY


Is my office the only one that doesn't use stories?? 


In the 2019 Object Style Library, there are now 2 folders for Imperial Wall Styles -- Story Bounded Walls and Fixed Height Walls. Yet, the Fixed Height wall folder is woefully lacking in styles. 


We try to use as many of the given VWX wall types as possible, and then modify them as needed for individual projects, so this new feature is super frustrating. 

My options are either to:

1. Use stories -- which is stupid for 1 floor projects, and it is not in our current workflow/I don't fully understand how to use it correctly, TBH.

  -- also, for projects with just 1 story, this doesn't work anyway, because the top of components are still automatically set to the height of story 2, which doesn't exist. So all of the components in each wall style has to be changed.

2. Import all the wall styles I'll need and then edit the Wall Component "Component Top Restraint" to be "Relative to Wall" in every single wall style.


There has to be a better way -- am I missing something??



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I use Stories + Levels all the time because I have parametric control

over changes, for pretty much all objects at a time.


And for a stupid one-floor project, for me that would mean,

at least, to setup 3 Stories.

Basement or Foundation, Entry Floor and Roof.


If one doesn't like the Story Layer Setup and Dialogs, which I can understand,

it might work with legacy Layer Wall Heights and proper Layer usage too.

But I think not much simpler. and Story Setups work for me for any building,

no matter if I have 1 or 50 Floors.


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