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Move Along Path Animation


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Hi All,


I am currently learning how to create walkthrough animations for models created in Vectorworks Spotlight.


The only problem I seem to have is not being able to adjust the time duration on the Move Along Path option and the animation is far too fast.


Is there something I am missing? Please see attached screenshot... 




Thank you 







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On 10/18/2018 at 5:57 AM, techgeek said:

Animating within Vectorworks is limited.


Do you have an adobe creative cloud subscription by any chance? If so, Cinema 4D Lite is included free within the After Effects installation. Your vectorworks models will export/import easily for Cinema 4D, where you can spend less than an hour making a basic fly-through animation with much more flexibility and (hopefully) less frustration!



Hi there,


I have been working with Move Along Path and it's not very user-friendly.

Then I tried my luck working with Animationworks which unfortunately is also very limited and it took me many hours to get a proper fly-through an event space.


I do have Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription with Adobe After Effects.


Would you @techgeek have any suggestions, or links to proper video tutorials or anything from your experience showcasing on how to create a fly-through of a 3D environment within Adobe After Effects? Meaning I have an interior space of an event environment and would like to create a fly-through this space.


I looked for tutorials online for quite a while and haven't found anything useful.


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

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Hello @sjordan_,


If you would like to change the transition speed between saved views in your animation you just need to set a few more options.


Select "Animation Options..." 



Create a new animation



Choose to "Edit..." the New Animation 



Now you get a timeline where you can add or remove saved views and specify the length of transitions. 






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