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Post-Brexit support for UK VWX architects


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For many like us since 2009, living in the UK became too costly, too toxic, and too dangerous. Post-Brexit, a points based-system will control immigration, but it will still cost at least $2000 USD per month (+ tax) to rent a 2 bedroom flat in London - way beyond the reach of depressed, flat-lining architectural salaries. The major London practices fill their offices with young EU visitors, on low pay, because EU graduates' student fee repayments are far lower than UK Nationals - typically £50k +. That is a rip-off for clients; it has decimated the career prospects of countless young British Architects, and it degrades the architectural profession.


We are highly experienced and highly competent Vectorworks Architects, able to provide a network of freelance designers and technicians, offering cloud-based BIM coordination, visual scripting (Marionette) and working drawings packages, for all your architectural needs. Competitively priced, never undersold, we are dedicated to raising the skills bar from its systemically low level. In East Africa, we have lifted a small staff out of chronic poverty and growing youth unemployment, while funding their further education needs. Help us achieve more for Africa's poor.


Visit us today at vectorprojects.wordpress.com


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Oh, finally the strong elbowed freelancer residing in Kenya that I am sure every British office was waiting for, to replace the in-house European colleagues.

So trustable.


Are you spam or do you simply sound like it? One is wary of clicking on your link, just for you to know.

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we congratulate Saaid Javed on the post-brexit immigration policy for UK announced today. At last fair opportunities shall be extended to commonwealth nations, many of which have embedded communities in UK, but have suffered the unfair priority indulged by EU free movement, which denied them visas to UK for so long.

Employers in UK are now free to choose Jamaicans, Kenyans, Sri Lankans, Indians and Pakistanis over the predominantly white EU citizens, for a fairer and more diverse Britain.

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