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Post-Brexit support for UK VWX architects

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Afraid your your EU staff will leave UK post-Brexit ? Fear not !


We are highly experienced and competent British Vectorworks Architects able to provide freelance design, working drawings and BIM for all your architectural needs, with no on-cost overheads, or regulatory obligations to your practice - no bums on seats.


Visit us today at coxfolio.wordpress.com

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Oh, finally the strong elbowed freelancer residing in Kenya that I am sure every British office was waiting for, to replace the in-house European colleagues.

So trustable.


Are you spam or do you simply sound like it? One is wary of clicking on your link, just for you to know.

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we congratulate Saaid Javed on the post-brexit immigration policy for UK announced today. At last fair opportunities shall be extended to commonwealth nations, many of which have embedded communities in UK, but have suffered the unfair priority indulged by EU free movement, which denied them visas to UK for so long.

Employers in UK are now free to choose Jamaicans, Kenyans, Sri Lankans, Indians and Pakistanis over the predominantly white EU citizens, for a fairer and more diverse Britain.

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Hey, I have a old laser printer for sale. Cheap! Also a pair of shoes. Contact me for the best, discounted price!


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