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  1. Hi, I am trying to learn point cloud data import into Vectorworks for buildings. Could some one point out to me articles or videos, tutorials for getting started on this. Which point cloud format works best with Vectorworks Are there any third party plugins needed to accomplish this. Can I get point cloud data for few single family homes to practice. I have VSS membership. Does it have any special offering for point cloud data processing. thanks Neelambari
  2. I have multiple licenses of Vectorworks under my VSS. Can I get those many Twin Motion licenses or only one per membership of VSS.
  3. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the reply. I agree that modeling in Vectorworks would be best. thanks, Neelambari
  4. I have imported a Crittal door Sketchup model from the Sketchup warehouse. It is having dimensions 3883mm X 2400 mm. I need to change its dimensions to 3000mm x 2200mm. However I am unable to edit the dimensions in Vectorworks. I tried the scale option, but the model needs to be scaled in X as well as Y directions and it does not seem to work well. The Sketchup model is attached with this post. I tried editing the model in Sketchup, but I am not very familiar with Sketchup and it seems that the model is not editable. Is there a quick suggestion to make this work. thanks Neelambari Crittal+doors.skp
  5. I sent you a private message. Please check
  6. Hi, I can assist you with the drawings. Please send me details on neelambari@cadmitra.com. I am an Architect and I provide drafting services in Vectorworks. thanks, Neelambari www.cadmitra.com
  7. Hi Amy, Thanks for your reply. For as built model I usually get floor plans with dimensions(sketch format/PDF or CAD file whichever available).Site photo/google map reference. AutoCAD survey files if available. Please check my website for more details on the services I provide. http://cadmitra.com/service/vectorworks-bim-and-cad-services/ Please send me an email at neelambari@cadmitra.com to discuss further. thanks, Neelambari
  8. Hi , I sent you an email. Please check and let me know. thanks, Neelambari www.cadmitra.com
  9. I will be happy to help you with your drafting jobs. I am a top rated freelancer on freelancing sites such as Freelancer.com and PeoplePerHour.com https://www.freelancer.com/u/cadmitra?w=f Please contact me on neelambari@cadmitra.com to discuss further. thanks, Neelambari
  10. @EriCAB Thanks for the interest in my services. You can reach me at neelambari@cadmitra.com I look forward to your email. thanks, Neelambari www.cadmitra.com
  11. Hi @EriCAB, I am an Architect and I provide architectural drafting services in 2D/3D using Vectorworks. I can help you with Vectorworks drafting projects. Please check my samples at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0he2iqolppdww0v/AAAcZgGFY72kEMyB4e-Pazfka?dl=0 thanks, Neelambari www.cadmitra.com
  12. I can assist you with Vectorworks drafting services. Please visit my website: www.cadmitra.com for more information.
  13. I will be happy to help you with your projects in 3D. I am an Architect and I provide drafting services in Vectorworks. Please contact me at neelambari@cadmitra.com for discussing this further.
  14. Hi, I am available to assist you with drafting services. Please reach me at neelambari@cadmitra.com https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0he2iqolppdww0v/AAAcZgGFY72kEMyB4e-Pazfka?dl=0 thanks Neelambari
  15. I am interested in providing drafting services. Please email me at neelambari@cadmitra.com Samples: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0he2iqolppdww0v/AAAcZgGFY72kEMyB4e-Pazfka?dl=0 thanks, Neelambari Architect www.cadmitra.com
  16. Hi Richard, I am an Architect and I can help you with Vectorworks drafting projects. Please mail me at neelambari@cadmitra.com for further discussion thanks, Neelambari www.cadmitra.com
  17. Hi, Is the license still available. Please let me know the offer price on my email id sneelambari@gmail.com I wish to close this purchase very soon. thanks, Neelambari
  18. I am interested in buying a Vectorworks 2014 Architects License for a reasonable price. Please let me know if you have a spare license. I am based in Pune, India. Please contact me on sneelambari@gmail.com
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