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Kevin McAllister

Vectorworks Cloud Workflow

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I'm curious how many others are using the Vectorworks Cloud and how you structure your workflow. I try it about once a year, get bogged down and switch back to my normal workflow. I think my main stumbling block is that I keep extra stuff in my project working files and the VW Cloud has no way to deal with this. For example I may have templates for different sheet sizes or sheets that are in process. Unfortunately the VW Cloud wants to create a PDF containing all of the sheets instead of just the current sheet set. In order to use the cloud that means I need to save a new version of my file and delete all of the extra sheets. Now I suddenly have two separate files to manage. I can't imagine I'm alone in having scratch layers and extra resources in my files.


Does anyone have a better workflow?




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I,  like you,  attempt to screw around with it about once a year,  and I can almost never get it to work right.    Then I give up,  cause I actually need to get stuff done.   I got hopeful with the last update as it said that they fixed problem with Dropbox for Business integration.    But nope,  I still get stuff like this all the time.    The file's live in dropbox,  they are always sync'd.   VW Cloud has full integration to my Dropbox for business account.    Then I get pissed at it and move on.  I can see the value of it,   I would like it to work.   But so far,  no good.




Edited to add,  I can get the Nomad app to output PDFs but then it just outputs everything.   No way to control it.   Just like what you were saying.   That's what is confusing because you are supposed to be able to publish from VW like you usually would choosing your sheet set and telling it to process and store via the cloud:




But even when I have that selected I still get this crap:







Maybe you'll have better luck?





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