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PDF Page snap anomaly

Benson Shaw


I found a PDF Page anomaly.  Probably a bug with a strange and easy workaround.


The Setup:

•Import a pdf with vectors.
•Same result if Drag/drop or File>Import>Import PDF
•Enable the OIP option for Snap to Geometry.
•Verify that the snaps are working
•Duplicate (cmd D) the PDF Page.
•Note that the Snap option is enabled in the duplicate.

The Bug:
Snaps to geometry in the duplicate PDF Page are not working, even though the OIP option is enabled. Toggle the option off/on does not cause enable the snaps.


The Workaround:
Copy/Paste the duplicated PDF page. (delete the Dupe if desired)
Snaps in the Copy are working as expected.


1.  The snap dead duplicate(s) can be ungrouped and the underlying vectors are available as expected.

2. Same results if PDF crops are in play. Cropped duplicate has no snaps (except the perimeter crop points).  Copy/Paste of the cropped duplicate snaps as expected.



PDF Snaps.png

PDF Snaps.vwx

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