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Hi there,


I've seen a few topics around screen plane, layer plane and 2d drawings however I wanted to ask a different question.


Is there a script anyone knows of that allows every line/polyline etc in the drawing to be selected and changed to screen plane? I know in the settings this can be set to screen plane only - the problem arises when something is pasted from a previous drawing this setting becomes overridden. 


If anyone knows how to quickly change this without having to go through each item and change to screen plane please let me know!





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Vector Depot has a plugin that allows you to change All Objects to screen plane or layer plane.  It still works in VW 2018.  I use it to change all objects to layer plane, and have never found a desire or need for screen plane objects. 


Unfortunately, it changes all the objects in a file. 





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If you want to quickly generate a script to change all applicable objects to Screen plane, then these are your steps:



Once you have your selection, then in the Object Information Palette, select Screen Plane.


That works best for me.

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cberg thanks for this, it worked perfectly.


I'm wondering how to create a vworks wish/request - on a protocol that detects differences when importing from one file to another - goes something like this:


  • main file document preferences set up to 'screen plane only' - (or whichever)
  • import the selected items from other file into main file
  • vwx detects that 'objects to being imported into current file have plane different to document preferences'
  • question then is asked - 'would you like to change their plane to match current preferences?' - select yes or no, imported object planes are amended
  • BOOM! - No more imported objects in different planes


Don't see how this is any different from when you import textures or symbols that are the same - it always comes up with a warning symbol like the above.


Thanks again guys

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