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How to show glazing in 2D in doors

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It seems to me that several VW versions back, a door that had glazing in it showed stiles and glass in the plan view. For the past few versions all doors, whether glazed or not, show up as slab doors. panel doors also used to show the stile and panel in the plan. Is there a way to get this back? Thanks, Ken

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this is a very good point, I may around it is to use casement windows and mark them as doors, obviously having doors with the same controls as windows and showing in plan with relevant details should be way.  In fact these goes for glass sliders, again, I am using sliding windows.

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Thank you TKA - I have been doing this for a while too - it's ridiculous to have to have a work around for something that used to work fine - I think it was in WinDoor where it worked properly. Unfortunately, the current project has a 4-panel OXXO slider window and the VW window tool doesn't have a model for that, so I made a door with the right parameters and then in 2D on another layer drew in the stiles and glass line. If WinDoor could do it I'm sure VW can figure it out - especially since they're charging around $4-500/year for so called upgrades.



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actually there was a discussion about how to include door and window schedule in one worksheet.  The point is that quite often there are windows and doors from the same system/manufacturer and a lot of details/profiles are the same (the whole point of using the same system). I think the whole division between doors and windows is antiquated (which I have expressed before).  The should be a unified "Opening" tool that deals with various condition (for instance there is no way to do a barn door type, or door on a curb) given the state of design today - there is just too many variations to fold into door or window typology. I think window tool has pretty good controls and could be developed as "Opening" tool, but I realize there is a 3D aspect which kind of complicates things, so I don't expect this to be revised, besides this needs a lot of input which somehow is on th eight side in this forum.

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