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David S

Unsolid (white should be grey) walls/roofs in live section viewports


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Anyone else suffering from this? Attached is an unfinished live section viewport. It should display the new wall with detail components, as it is doing, but the section cut through the existing walls/roofs/floors used to display them in a standard grey.  So if I ungroup the roofs they now appear grey, but if I group them they do not. Oddly If I do not use a floor but a slab for a floor this works as it should do either showing floor components or if no components a grey cut through. Doesnt appear to be classes based or anything to do with viewport settings  - if i switch vp settings to separate x sections and the 3 settings below that ticked it simply shows a complete section cust through in grey. After a quick dialogue with VSS this in part appears to be "grouping" related and not dissimilar to my previous "2d annotation disappearing during scrolling in section viewport unless ungrouped." I realise I may be sectioned for posting this as at face value it looks like the rambling of a mad man, which to be fair, it is.  This appears to be VW2018 related. Didn't happen before? 

34 efw.jpg

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Went to file this but someone beat me to it. Looks like it may have cropped up in sp2 or sp3 of 2018. VB-149264

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Thanks Jim, Philip at VW VSS UK looking into this  - presume you have had similar issues/notifications like this? I think you might be right 2018 SP2/3. Cheers David

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