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Helen Palmer

Grade tool information missing when viewport moved

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I have created a plan and calculated grades using the very useful grade tool.  I have used the grade tool in viewport annotation.  However, every time I move the viewport on the page the data with the arrow (percentage grade/fall) on the viewport disappears. The data is still there and correct but to get the grade to show (which is what I want) I have to go into the viewport, individually select each grade, then press return for the information to reappear.  I can appreciate if I moved the viewport on the design layer or the viewport crop, the grade tool would have to reassess all the information (which it does if I do this), but why is this information missing when I just move the viewport.  It is a huge waste of time do reset these each time.


The first image is what it looks like, the second what it should like and what it does look like after I individually select each grade to reset. 


Thanks for advice, grade calculation is painful enough as it is, without this added headache!




Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.17.14.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.18.07.png

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Wow, I've never used the grade tool in the annotation mode.  When you use this @Helen Palmer do you get the tool to behave as it would in a design layer? I usually place it in a layer with its own separate class as I most often select use heights from the site model. 

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Yes, it works perfectly well.  I started using it in annotation mode as the text sizes were so difficult to control in the design layers (probably because I don't understand how the text scales). I use all dimensions and grades in annotation modes - makes it much easier to manage, but the only disadvantage is if you need to export to dwg it can get a bit messy, and if you suddenly find you need to refer it from the design layer, of course you can't see it.  I've just tried taking heights from the site model and it won't do that in annotation mode so if you need this then you need to use the tool in the design layer but if you want to do some quick calculations it works well. 

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Hi Helen

I would advise using the Grade tool on the Design Layer as it needs to interact with the site model, unless you are using it purely as a 2D graphic.

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