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Site Model 2D Cut & Fill Display Not Working in VW 2018

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Hi Team.


I've encountered an issue with the Site Model 2D Cut & Fill display in Vectorworks Landmark 2018. 


When I tick the 2D Cut Fill Area option under Site Model Settings > Graphic Properties > Site Analysis, and exit the settings window by clicking OK, nothing happens. When I open the Site Model Settings window again 2D Cut Fill Area has been automatically un-ticked.


In Vectorworks 2017 and previous versions this doesn't occur. Following the above steps adds red & blue cut & fill areas to the Site Model 2D display.


Has anyone else encountered this same problem?






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Hi Tamsin.


3D Cut and Fill is working fine for me also.


I'm referring to the 2D Cut Fill Area option in the Site Analysis Tab of the Site Model Graphic Properties. See attached screenshot from Vectorworks Landmark 2017, showing the expected 2D site model appearance with this option selected. It appears there may currently be a bug preventing this option from being activated in VW 2018.


20180414_Vectorworks Landmark 2017_Site Model 2D Cut Fill Area.jpg

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