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Space labels keep scaling

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Hello there!


Have been using Vectorworks 2011 and 2015  for the past year but have recently upgraded to 2017. I am finally getting around to using the 3D interface which seems to be going well except for the space labels tool. The function itself is working and calculating the correct areas etc., but keeps scaling to an extremely small scale visually. However when I go in to change the symbol font size in "settings" (thinking this was the problem), it is reading as 14pt which should be fine for the scale I am working at. Has anybody else had this problem? And if so, could you give me some advice as to how to rectify it? 


The space table will scale in the view port/sheet layer from the advance properties tab, but this means I have to turn off all other annotations as they became far to big for the page.  


Any advice would be really appreciated.


Thank you. 




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Hi Sean. Is the space label symbol world or page based? Try "edit symbol" in the resource manager and see. It should be page based so that it stays the same size relative to the size of your page - no matter what scale the DL is set to.


Also a good idea to edit page based symbols at 1:1 scale. TI do so create a DL at 1:1 place a symbol in it then right click "edit symbol". Set your text to your desired font size there.


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HI Sean,


Let us know how you get on - another issue we have found that Space Label Symbols scale with the SLVP scale irrespective of whether they are World Based or Paged Base - I'm not sure if this is expected behavior or not, for us it would be useful if the page based symbols behaved like other page based symbols so that the text was the same size on different scales of drawings.

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Space labels when page based will be the same size relative to the design layer page (no matter what the DL scale) however they will change size when viewed through a viewport. Ideally the VP and DL scale will be the same for the best consistency.


As you say this is different to a standard page based symbol that will be the same size relative to the page no matter what the DL or VP scale is.


Symbol scaling in the advanced properties of the VP OIP should not effect a space label but will change other symbols.


I have done a test file to compare space objects in differently scaled design layers and viewports. This has the same space object (complete with it's page based label symbol) placed on differently scaled design layers along with another standard "Page Based Symbol" for comparison. The attached screen shot is of a sheet layer with x4 viewports.



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Thanks Bo that is what we experience as well - I don't know if this is intended or not. You can use text scaling to change the size of the space label in the Sheet Layer Viewport but that can have other unintended effects.

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