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  1. Tips for reducing file size

    Benson, Just tried the simplify polys tip and it has almost halved the size of my file while modifying the contours very little. Thank you so much for this tip!! it really helped!!
  2. Tips for reducing file size

    Hi Benson, Thank you very much for your response. They are very helpful tips. This is probably a question I should have asked before I progressed too much with the model...it is relatively near completion at this point but those are definitely points I will consider if I am to remake it from scratch. The site model itself is quite a large site with buildings on it taken as viewports from other files, sir not many non site model objects are included in the file as of right now. However I have a couple of winding roads and A LOT of modifiers which I am assuming is causing the file to slow down?
  3. Tips for reducing file size

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody had any tips for reducing file size for large site models other then the purge command? At the moment my file size is above 400MB and is really struggling to complete simple tasks...it will complete them but at a very slow pace. I am new to site modelling in Vectorworks 3D, however I am aware how heavy the files can get from working in 2D and I am coming to the unfortunate conclusion that this I just something you have to deal with when working in this programme. However, any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you
  4. Roads to proposed Landscape

    Hi again, Has anybody ever had trouble with new roads on the proposed landscape/pads? whenever I update my site model, a pad with a newly created road reverts back to the existing site model? I cannot seem to get it to hold its new form while the road is present. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Space labels keep scaling

    Thanks Boh! This is very useful information.
  6. Road won't cut through site model fully

    Hi Johnathon, I think the problem was my grade limits yes. I have actually resolved my problem in the meantime, it was more of an issue with toggling on an off proposed and existing landscapes. Thank you very much for your response.
  7. Road won't cut through site model fully

    Hi there, Could anybody please give me any advice as to why, when I create a road (with "create pad" selected) it does not cut all the way through my site model. Although it looks like it has worked in 2D, the 3D model appears to go through the site rather then cut it away...? Please see attached screenshot below. Any advice would be appreciated. Kind regards.
  8. Space labels keep scaling

    Thanks Boh, I Will try this...it seems to be world based rather then page based. I think I will have to edit rescale them at a 1:1 scale would be my best option. Thanks for your help.
  9. Space labels keep scaling

    Hello there! Have been using Vectorworks 2011 and 2015 for the past year but have recently upgraded to 2017. I am finally getting around to using the 3D interface which seems to be going well except for the space labels tool. The function itself is working and calculating the correct areas etc., but keeps scaling to an extremely small scale visually. However when I go in to change the symbol font size in "settings" (thinking this was the problem), it is reading as 14pt which should be fine for the scale I am working at. Has anybody else had this problem? And if so, could you give me some advice as to how to rectify it? The space table will scale in the view port/sheet layer from the advance properties tab, but this means I have to turn off all other annotations as they became far to big for the page. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you.


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