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Good morning,

Ran into quite an annoying bug this morning when trying to assemble a curved curtain wall.


Process -

first i created a curved polyline to be the shape of my wall

then used the tool distribute along path in order for me to segment my wall into workable corners

afterwards i followed the contours of the intersections between my lines and curved profile.

After assembly the wall, I noticed I cannot modify all the walls height at the same, and more importantly, when i reselect the walls - i cannot edit them anymore, as if a glitch happened.


I'm uploading a file for your review. Let me know if you can recreate the bug.


Note - you have to do it from scratch. If i close the file and reopen it, it doesn't reproduce the error anymore. I've reproduced this already on two machines.

Note 2 - If you try to modify the walls - it will show that it is a wall, but as if its stuck on a command. If you press ctrl-5, it resets the tool. very strange.

Note 3 - even after the quick fix, i notice the problem translates to other tools. In my opinion this could be a memory leak.


This bug is w/ Vectorworks 2018 SP 2. I haven't tried with others.




Wall Glitch.vwx

Edited by Samuel Derenboim

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On 2/26/2018 at 4:40 AM, Samuel Derenboim said:

This bug is w/ Vectorworks 2018 SP 2. I haven't tried with others.

I've just tested this in Vectorworks 2018 SP3 and none of the above issues occurred. 

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