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Cable Tool text colour



I'm having an issue regarding the colour of text while using the cable tool.  I'm running VW2018 SP2 both on Mac and in Windows... Same problem in both versions.

When creating a cable path (regardless of what kind of cable), the text generated by the tool shows up as black on black.  I can change the Pen attribute to whatever colour I want and it changes the colour of the text AND the colour of the cable.  The Fill attribute is set to "None", yet the background of the text is black.  If I start a new file, it seems to work fine.


Is there a way to change the fill colour of the text generated by the cable tool?  Where is it getting the fill colour information?


I've attached an example of what I'm seeing.  I also noticed that in this example, the cable lengths are different, even though I simply created one and copy/pasted the other 3.


Any help is much appreciated.  Thank you.5a3ae3e70cc0b_ScreenShot2017-12-20at5_25_54PM.thumb.png.0f931b9c13744ca00c46c19d003fa4fd.png

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