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Project Tool Failed

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I'm trying to use the project tool but it keeps failing. If anyone can help that would be great! I'm doing the trusses for the ballroom. I'm following the VW 2017 Entertainment GSG. 

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What are you trying to make? If you could provide a bit more description, or a sketch if you have one, that would be helpful.

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8 hours ago, Cadesence said:

I also have this problem. I assume it hasn't been resolved yet?


Please post an example of where it fails for you, the previous post had no example to diagnose or be submitted as a bug.

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Had the same problem...

"I'm doing the trusses for the ballroom. I'm following the VW 2017 Entertainment GSG"

is all the info you need lol


My fix was to check the W, H, X, And Y. All of my measurements from the rectangle had a few fractions of an inch added to them for some reason?

Make it an even number and it'll work :)

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I'm guessing they are trying to make the panel example using the Project Tool at about the 3:00 minute mark in this Entertainment GSG video - http://www.vectorworks.net/training/2018/getting-started-guides/entertainment/truss-display-panels


If the rectangle/polygon that's created project is larger than the face of the truss, projecting it upward will fail. The rectangle/polygon needs to be created accurately so it falls within the boundaries of the surface you're projecting to (in this case the curved chord of the upper truss).


(In a real world application I would try to use the Extract Surface Mode of the Extract Tool wherever possible so that my shapes match the existing 3d geometry. I'm sure the intention of the GSG is to use as many different methods as possible to show the range of possible approaches and in this particular example there's a few extra steps to use the Extract Tool because the bottom truss extends under the side verticals.)






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