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Contour Height Labels


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Why don't Contour Tags not use the Unit settings for Dimensions ?


They use the standard Unit Settings which I normally set with lots of decimals

for drawing and modeling purposes.

That makes it really hard to read the Labels,

or if I adapt my Units output, I may miss precission issues while modeling.

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I agree with this,  it would be nice to have similar unit settings for contour tags as for dimensions for contour tags only and show the unit. Most of the time contours are rounded at meters or decimeters (e.g. half meter intervals) but having it show millimeters or smaller makes no sense for real world purposes. E.g. contour tags rounded at meters and dimensions in other units with additional decimals.


For e.g. 3D printed models I could see some purpose for smaller units (i.e. more decimals) when creating hypothetical terrain models, but that would be about it.


Now that you mentioned using lots of decimals.... if you model at micro/nanometer level then you should use micro/nanometer  units for your contours. :P

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I meant that is easy to recognize that something went wrong when modeling or snapping that

instead of reading a 1,25 m in OIP you may see a 1,2500000000123 m.

That is why I use more decimals.

I even have leading and trailing zeros on by default.


And in case of a Contour Label that gets quit long,  bad to read or read to which contour it might belong to. :) 


I also wonder why I can set the units and decimals for cut and fill calculations for Areas and Volumes (only).

I had expected to do so for heights as well.




And I still don't know what will have influence on Labels Text Size in Contour Editing Mode.

(Layer Scale ?, any Text Style ?, ....)

Text Style for Site Model Class will change 2D Contour Label output at least.

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Oh yes, those teensy tiny deviations that mess up your workflow because suddenly you have this micro-gap between objects. I still come across that issue with dwg files when things didn't align properly and it can be maddening at times to find that gap and you have to spend a disproportionate amount of time fixing those gaps.

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I would love the ability to set the decimal point on the contour labels without affecting anything else.


Also it would be great to be able to draw a polyline across the contour map and have a contour label placed wherever the polyline intersects with a contour line. How hard would that be? I know that other survey programs incorporate that feature.

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I typically want my proposed contour labels lined up as G Troyer suggests, and have seen other programs that do that.  I also like my existing contours somewhere near the edge of the sheet/viewport and/or just outside edge of grading areas.  Ex and Proposed should be different sizes.


It does seem like VW could give us landmark users a few more options to treat contour labels as we wish, not just manually move them around and resized them, etc.

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