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How to get rid of lines in OpenGL

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How can I get rid of all the lines on the ground/water in this kind of OpenGL render?



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The only control you have over this in OpenGL is the Crease Angle in the OpenGL options. If raising or lowering that value does not add or remove the lines you're seeing, then it has to be done in annotations after the fact. OpenGL Edges are faster than Hidden Line but less understanding about what they're tracing over.


If those are meshes, they may always have an edge unless you enable/increase Mesh Smoothing.

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Are the water and ground individual 3D Polygons, or a Mesh, or something else? If they're individual 3D Polygons, there's no way to get rid of the black lines since they are discrete objects. But if you add them together into a Mesh, the black lines should go away (depending on the crease angle under OpenGL preferences).


You might also be able to smooth out the appearance of the trees (if you want) by selecting the green mesh and turning on the Mesh Smoothing in the Render tab (or doing it globally under Document Preferences).

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Ah, yes, turn them into a Mesh. Duh, I've done that before! Thanks guys, I'll try that tomorrow. Should work.

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