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Change label color with light

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Is there a way to get the label text for a light to change to the color of the light. I like to color code the different lights in a plot and currently I make a duplicate label for each type of light and manually change the text color to match the fixture color. Can this be done automatically?



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Hello mreadshaw,

Yes you can use the colour field of a lighting device to change the colour of objects in a particular class. This could mean that for example the channel field which is in the Lighting>Label>Channel class can reflect the gel colour of the instrument. You do this is the File>Document Settings>Spotlight Preferences.


However it appears this is not working in 2018 and 2017. The enclosed snapshot is 2016.


I have filed a bug report.








Spotlight prefs.jpg

Spotlight coloured labels.jpg

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Thanks! I figured out the issue is that you need to have a container for the label.


Is there no way to have the label text change color? Also this seems like it can either be a single class or all classess. Is there a way to modify multiple classes so I could have address and unit number change but nothing else?



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