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Mike Wright

New build CPU decision - A nice choice to have

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I'm speccing a new machine for VW/C4D/V-Ray rendering.


I have the choice between an Intel i9 7900X or an AMD Ryzen TR 1950X


The i9 would be overclocked to 4.5Ghz


Performance wise the AMD chip seems to benchmark higher on multi-thread applications whereas the i9 would fare better on single thread


I've read a few reports of even high end liquid cooling struggling on the i9 when overclocked


Anybody got real world experience of either or even knowledgeable advice?  It's not really my field just need to make the right choice

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I saw in tests that the Threadripper also needs special cooling.

a) needs larger cooling plates as currently available for AIO water cooling

b) High wattage cooling

c) Air Coolers not available but will come

d) Even with good cooling, Threadripper gets very warm on the backside of the mainboard.


I think both options need a bit of carefulness.

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I would say the large majority of rendering (that isn't handle on your GPU) is going to favor multi threaded performance specifically. The i9 seems to beat the TR by a significant margin in that regard in Cinebench, which would give you the most accurate picture of how Renderworks renderings would be affected.

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12 minutes ago, Mike Wright said:

I'd read the opposite, Cinebench R15 score for the i9 (multi core) is 2194 as opposed to 3000 for the TR which is a huge difference

The higher score would win out of course, I went by a quick googling of benchmark results, but on a more indepth search I had the scores wrong, TR beats it handily:


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Thanks Jim


That was kind of the conclusion I had made.  I'll post some real world experience on here when I've worked with the machine for a bit

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