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Tom Klaber

Better Viewpoint Listing / Naming


When trying to link a detail or elevation tag to a viewport, the list of viewports is very cumbersome and sorted in the least helpful way possible.  Right now, the list is ordered first by the drawing number, then by drawing name, then by viewport name.


Drawing number does not help - as there will be tons of 1s, slightly less 2s, etc - it is not an organizing principle and makes trying to find the viewport very difficult.  The drawing name is helpful, but the viewport name is not as it auto names itself.  




What would be MUCH more helpful:




I usually know that the drawing I am trying to link to is on A-603 - but I will forget the drawing number.  That way the list will be a sheet list with the viewports on each sheet. 




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I encountered this frustration yesterday but couldn't put my finger on what was missing. Definitely the Sheet Number!

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