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Ability to obtain the volume of a concrete/masonry stair in a woksheet


I've use a lot of concrete stairs and there is no way to obtain the volume, m3 or cubic feet, of a stair, other than rebuild the stair using extrudes or converting to a generic solid and using the 3D properties, but you canont put that data on a worksheet, and in the process you destroy the parametric the stair, and if you change the model you have to redo the stairs, all of them.

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Are you talking about the stock Stair tool in the US Version of VW2017?


If so, it depends on how accurate you really need to be.


You can give the stair a name and use a worksheet formula of =Volume(N='MyStairName') to return the calculated volume.


Or you can use a database with a criteria of PON='Stairs CW'  (or just create it from the dialog box by selecting Type is Stair) and a formula of =Volume.


It will not be perfect as it does not include the volume of the treads and risers, but it does include the volume of the rails and post of the handrail.


On a single flight concrete stair with a 9' rise and 3'4" width, the treads and riders equal about 0.1% of the total volume. The stock handrails equal about 0.01%.


So if better than 1% accuracy is acceptable, you certainly can get what you need using the standard worksheet Volume commands.


If you truly need better accuracy, let's talk and figure out how much it is worth.



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22 minutes ago, Alan Woodwell said:

Possibly @Resuelvectorworksmeans this stair tool?


Probably, but before I spend too much time I would like to make sure ;-)


It appears that the Stair object returns the volume in cubic inches.


The Custom stair object seems to return the volume in Ft*in2.  If you multiply the Custom Staire Volume x 144 (12 in x 12 in) you get a value very similar to that provided by the Stair object for similar (but not identically) configured stairs of each type.


for a straight stair 9'11" floor to floor x 2'11" I get  5069 in3 for the Stair and 5028 in3 for the Custom Stair.


Or I might be completely off on the units. Someone who actually needs these values should do a manual check to see what the volume should actually be ;=)

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